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Solar Power System Components

It is not uncommon for one to seek to fully understand the components of a solar power system whenever you want to install it. You will find it fairly crucial to understand this given system. You will also need to know exactly how to connect them too. Some of the most crucial components include the following.

There is the solar array disconnect. This is basically an electrical switch. It is the one that allows you to connect or disconnect from the DC power output. In most cases, it is used whenever there is a fault with the solar power system. This switch is usually strong enough to handle the power output from these solar panels on sunny days. There is also a battery charge controller. In most cases, solar power systems have an extra battery that I regarded as the backup. A battery charge controller is often used to ensure that there is a level of consistency in the supply of power to these backup batteries. It protects these batteries from being overcharged. They also ensure that the batteries do not discharge this power back to the system at night. It is actually relatively less pricy to acquire it.

The deep cycle batteries come next. They will be the ones that will be used to store the power that has been generated. Actually they come in the forms of both deep and shallow cycle batteries. These deep cycle batteries are applied in the endurance of heavy charging and discharging cycles. In the event that you are looking to get a new one, you will have to prepare to dig deep into your pockets. You can also opt to have a system power meter that will then show you how much free solar power you are getting from your solar panels. You can easily identify the exact place where you need to improve so as to achieve extra efficiency. This allows you to understand how much you can save. Another important component to your system is the solar power converter. It actually converts solar energy to usable energy within the home. In essence it transforms DC to being AC power. You will note that the solar panels generate DC yet your home usually runs on AC. Electronic switching techniques are used in the conversion. The acquisition of these converters is actually quite affordable.

There will always be a need for backup power. This is often so critical in situations where there is no sunshine and the battery has run flat. The most preferred backup is a diesel generator. You could also use a wind turbine or a water wheel. The power provided is often through a converter.

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