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Tips on Picking Suitable Solar Panels for Camping Purposes

I believe that a good number of people enjoy time out in nature. For most, it is a means of managing stress and the pressures of everyday life. Perhaps you can already envision that upcoming camp with friends around a fire and staring at the stares at night. Maybe you will be able to get away from technology after all. There is no need to get a bit fanciful here. You need some form of tech when you are out there, to at least charge a phone or something. For sure it would be scary to lose your way and have no way to communicate to those who can help you. So since you can’t walk around with a generator, portable solar panels make all the sense. Due to tech growth, you can now get portable, glossy, durable and efficient solar panels at a pocket-friendly price. This article is going to teach you what parameters to look at when picking camping solar panels.

You need to start by assessing the quality of solar cells. The kind of photovoltaic cell used in making the camping solar panel will dictate the panel’s grade. Poly-crystalline, mono-crystalline and amorphous cells are examples of solar cells. To ensure you have a portable solar panel with efficient cells, go for trusted manufactures of solar cells. You will even find manufacturers who have been able to integrate the various cells into one called the multi-crystalline cell. In the case of solar panels, low prices never signal anything good. Good quality panels will have their prices speaking volumes and equally they will also have warranties.

Evaluate the solar panel’s accompanying components. The components of the solar panel do the extra work that makes it possible for the solar cells to perform at peak conditions. You need a stable frame, set of hinges and cables that work in hand with the solar cells. To ensure that your camping solar panel is strong enough, make sure that the frame is made of aluminium and also ensure you have heavy duty latches. Now, if the material of construction is corrosion proof and the solar cells can withstand a hailstorm, then your portable solar panel is ready for nature at its worst.

Finally consider two things: the weight and ease of use. Go for a portable solar panel that is user-friendly. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be wandering in the woods with a portable solar panel that is playing tricks on you. Again, since you will be moving around a lot, a low-weight solar panel is ideal. Nonetheless, if you are out on an expedition, you might need a heavy duty solar panels for all your power needs.

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